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Pacal's Descent is the first of a series of sculptures celebrating the exquisite art of pre-Columbian Mexico and Central America. Limited editions of these sculptures are for sale.
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Pacal's Descent
Pacal's Descent
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The most famous of all Mayan carvings depicts King K'inich Janaab'Pacal I, (Pacal) of Palenque, achieving life after death.

Reclining over the face of the sun god as it descends into the gaping mouth of the underworld, Pacal is reborn at the next dawn. A great tree emerges from his body surmounted by a mythical bird and a two-headed serpent signifying the sky. The Maya believed that such trees stood at the four corners of the world and supported the heavens like pillars. A "sky band" frames the scene, studded with symbols representing the sun, moon, and stars. Across the top and bottom are portraits of the king's leading nobles witnessing the spectacle of his descent.

Pacal ruled the kingdom of Palenque until 684 when he died at the age of eighty.

I hope you enjoy my rendition of this classic Mayan sculpture as much as I enjoyed recreating it. I have painstakingly carved every intricate detail down to the distinguishing cracks and the worn corners. Cast out of durable, reinforced portland, the sculpture structurally as timeless as its art and suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

Dennis J. Caldwell
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