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Over the past 10 years I have designed over 34 type styles for a client that is a major manufacturer of personalized stationary, announcements, and invitations. This project has been very successful for the client. We have been able to custom tailor the fonts to the clients need, and their competitors have no simple way to create an identical product.
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Custom Font Design
Computer ready fonts and font alterations.

All fonts are designed to meet client specifications and are installable on any platform. Custom fonts can have as many characters as you want or as few as you want. Logos or graphic can be placed within a font to be typed into a document with a simple key stroke.

Existing fonts can be customized by adding characters, changing problem characters or kerning (adjusting the way two letters fit next to each other.)

Full custom fonts are very time consuming and sometimes require several weeks to produce. Please contact me for price quotes or more information on specific products.
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