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Advertising Design
Advertising Design
Calendar Design
(Click to view)National Natural Landmarks Program First Annual Photo Contest Calendar. The client wanted a unique looking calendar design that people would want to hang on their wall. Many of the selected photos needed heavy touch-up once they were blown up to full size.
Strategic Plan
(Click to view PDF)The Missions Initiative is a 22 page strategic plan for managing the missions sites of U.S. and Mexico. I wanted more images to break up the text so I visited a near by mission and shot off a bunch of black and white images that wouldn’t be identified with a specific location. I designed the layout loose with lots of white space to accommodate a Spanish version, since Spanish text takes up more room.
Promotional Brochure
(Click to view PDF)We started with a lengthy document that was intimidating to read. We edited it down and replaced much of the text with images and graphics to illustrate the points we cut out. The end result is a slick brochure that was inviting to the readers to skim through and lots of hooks to draw them in. I designed and photographed the background art and Illustrated the maps & graphics to work with my over all design.
Corporate Identity
(Click to view gallery)The comps were used to develop a look for the client, an insurance company. I concentrated on a conservative look with strong, reliable images.
Commemorative Brochure
(Click to view gallery)Here are four designs I created for a client to select from for the cover of a commemorative 12 page 11" x 8.5" color brochure. As a subtle effect on the printed piece, I used a matte varnish on the background with a high gloss on the logo/emblem, photo, and wheat graphic.
4 Part Mailer
(Click to view gallery) This is a four part advertising campaign mailer for a Lease Portfolio Financing client. These were mailed out in an oversized envelope 6" x 9", all designed to get the attention of the recipient.
Package Design/Illustration
(Click to view gallery) Yogurito is a yogurt drink for kids. This was a new product and market for the client. Shown here the comps, and the finished art I designed and illustrated. The client mixed and matched from the comps to get the end result.
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